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My Partner In Profit (MyPIP) is known for many things–predictable, high conversions, a generous 35% to 75% payouts, multiple streams of income, a proven way to build your primary business opportunity and world-class marketing training–to name a few. But we also take great pride in supporting our affiliates and improving on that every week.


That is, when you need help, MyPIP and your personal sponsor is at your service…in multiple ways.  When trying to get support, please use in the order below.


1. Our Frequently Asked Questions section has answers to many common questions, this will be the fastest way to find an answer to your question. Click Here to go to the FAQ section now.


2. Your MyPIP Sponsor - Your sponsor benefits, and has a vested intrest in your success, so they should be able to offer help where and when they can. Keep in mind though, that they too may be new to the program and might not have 'all' the answers to your questions. With that being said they are experienced in setting things up and getting started on the path to success, because after all they brought you here, right?

3. Facebook Community - This is our team of helpful and dedicated members from all over the world, you can often get answers 24 hours a day! Click Here


4. Tech Support - A MyPIP support ticket. Click Here to submit a question to our tech department. Please do NOT ask questions about primary businesses, or marketing here! This is for trouble shooting and specific problems with the MyPIP website. TIP: Please refer to the facebook for quick support with marketing or set-up.

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