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We love helping our clients to make money online, but what we love more is showing them how to do it automated and without effort!


What is better than to make money from the comfort of your home? Yes, you guessed it, making money automated by pressing a button and letting Artificial Intelligence do the job!


The last 3 years were major breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence, to a point where it can serve you to make a steady income.


This new technology is still quite unknown, especially for affiliate marketers who still do things the “old-school” way. What that means for you is, that NOW is the time to jump on the automation train before your competition catches up and makes it harder for you and fellow affiliate marketers to earn money automated! Don´t let this opportunity slip out of your hands, just to find yourself in an oversaturated pool of competing marketers in one or two years.


Is this software for experienced marketers only?


No, this software is suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced marketer. Even if you just started your journey in affiliate marketing. Especially for beginners the head start is very difficult because they don´t know where to find converting traffic. Experienced marketers already access to steady traffic, e-Mail lists etc., but they worked very hard for it, and now can use Artificial Intelligence to take a rest and enjoy the fruits of their labour!


Did You Know.. in January 2020.. a few Affiliate Insiders are making $1k/day – on ClickBank, W+ & JVZoo?


And they’re doing it with automation & artificial intelligence?

They automatically choose an affiliate program… automatically get FREE traffic… and make huge automated commissions.

We should know… because we are one of the insiders…

Every month we make $5k to $15k with affiliate marketing and this new “AI” Software. Here’s how automation changed not only our LIFES….




The first step is to choose a profitable affiliate program.

There are 7,000 affiliate programs in Affiliate Bots 2.0, every month, on W+, Launches, ClickBank & JVZoo.

Bots 2.0 includes SIX software tools to find the hottest affiliate offers – updated every 24 hours in January 2020. Our bots crunch 500 metrics – to give YOU the money-making data, every day of Jan `20 – and beyond…






Want to create websites in 60 seconds? Keep reading…

But what if you want to instantly boost the conversions on ANY website…

Just by copying and pasting ONE line of code!?

Sounds like science fiction? Then you haven’t logged into….

“Web Widgets”, which turns YOUR visitors into BUYERS… with 10 “AI Widgets”…

Just login to the cloud software, and create the widget. Then copy and paste the code into your website to start building a buyers list on any website!

NOTE: This absurd feat of money-making is ONLY POSSIBLE because : 1) We dug through over our Analytics to see which 500k visitors converted to 5k buyers… 2) We spent 10 years (and approaching $x,xxx,xxx) building software…. 3) We understand predictive marketing… 4) We had the guts to actually build this tech…then sell it for less than 1% of the development costs!

With Web Widgets v1.01, you just copy-and-paste to your website, to auto-convert visitors to buyer traffic…






Now it’s time to get traffic — ideally very targeted traffic.

This is VERY important – and in 2020, you need AI to get an EDGE

And that’s why we spent over 6 MONTHS building the ULTIMATE Traffic tool…

Presenting, the magnus opus of Bots 2.0 …. *drum roll*…. “The AI Search Engine”!

We took the most-trafficked 100,000 websites on the Internet… with over 239 billion+ monthly visitors…

Then we scanned each site for 16 exclusive traffic opportunities (see below) and over 20 “data-points”…

Then we did all the hard “techie stuff”… and added them to a searchable beautiful GUI display!

But YOU don’t need to understand all that – you only need to KNOW that you are about to..

Inject a shot of “AI juice” into YOUR money-making enterprise…

Let’s make sure Elon Musk isn’t the only one making bank with AI in 2020!

Simply login to the money-making cloud search-engine and instantly find these 18 traffic opportunities…


Check out this Demo-Video:



What you will get!




Well at this point, you may think this is another overpriced offer, but we are proud to be your partner in profit. This is not another $ 1,997 or $ 997 offer which tries to upsell you like so many scam courses on the internet. This full automated affiliate software suite which generated our clients $ 4396 average per month in commisions, costs you less than two pepperoni pizzas or less than 2 DVD´s, even less than a haircut, or less than 2 T-Shirts! Yes you heard that right! You will get this full automated affiliate software suite for only:


$ 20,57 / € 19,31 (incl. VAT)



P.S.: We won´t tell you that this offer is only availabe TODAY, or for the next 24 hours or only for the first 100. Our reputation is important to us and we have no interest in using dishonest pressure tactics on our customers… BUT… we are currently working on raising the price of this product because of popular demand.

(We chose to make our software suite affordable for everyone, because we know that COVID-19 took so many by surprise. We firmly believe that helping each other in these tough times is more important than maximizing our profits – We strive to not only be your partner in profit, but we are also with you in these “weird” times).

So don´t be surprised if you come back in a few weeks and the price tag is raised to $ 199.


Let´s see some reviews from (affiliate) marketers:




60-Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee



Examine this automated software suite in your home for 60 days, read the quick start guide, apply our system, watch the videos. Automate 2020 with these simple software tools, download the training, copy the entire system, finally see what $17k of software can do for you. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally succeed with affiliate marketing… traffic… online marketing in general… in 2020…

But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, your fee will be fully refunded. You can cancel at any time, and for ANY reason. That’s how certain we are that you are going to love this… So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!


$ 20,57 / € 19,31 (incl. VAT)